Apr 16

Gonna go buy some bacon I guess and then maybe read more about Cuba.

Travails of the San Francisco rental market

Protester: “This is important that it’s recorded, I guess, ‘cause it’s like Google transparency right?”

Rose: “Are you gonna post it on YouTube?”

Protester: “Yeah, probably.”

Rose: “We own that property!”

Protester: “I know. You guys can take it down, but that would be like Mubarak or something.”

Rose: “We wouldn’t do that.”

Protester: “Well, we’ll see.”


Protester: “You guys aren’t actually creating any real value.”

Rose: “But you guys use the technology! You’re using an Android phone right there!”

Protesters simultaneously: “Yep, because we live in this world.” “We have no choice – what should we do?”


Apparently these anarchist activists (read: San Francisco hipsters – sorry, they just look like they’re about to go to an MGMT concert) are capable of envisioning a world without capitalism but not a world without Google technologies. They explicitly take it for granted that using Google technologies is a fundamental part of living in this world, but consider the flow of capital and the acquisition of private property to be totally unnatural. (That’s not to say that capitalism is natural, but it’s not any less natural than the ubiquity of YouTube or smartphones.) They find it more realistic to demand that Google provide them with $3 billion to start an anarchist community than to use open non-Google alternatives to the technology they use. They say that they want “want no part of this disgusting and creepy game” yet seem to completely deny their agency in choosing to use the technologies of their “oppressors.” (Mind you that these are, I’m sure, the same people who would completely refuse to accept that someone drives a car because they “live in this world.”)

If you’re going to attack a company and an industry for existing, you should probably stop using its products. This is literally the same as eating a Big Mac at an ALF meeting, drinking Starbucks at the WTO protests, or driving a Suburban to an anti-fracking rally.

Apr 15

Apr 14

Jay-Z’s social media strategy:

Guns on your Tumblrs

Fuck hashtags and retweets

how to look like a total alcoholic

only take out your recycling once every two or three weeks. 

Apr 13
“Wait a minute, there’s something bothering me about this place… I know! This lesbian bar doesn’t have a fire exit! Enjoy your death trap, ladies!” Homer Simpson


let’s refer to debugging and software testing as “bugchasing.”

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.

Me: “That show Betas is stupid. It’s totally unrealistic. There’s a scene where this guy literally asks someone ‘What’s your favorite programming language?’ That’s ridiculous! Who talks like that?”

Friend: “You literally just asked me that exact question five minutes ago.”

[Note: I didn’t ask him what his favorite was - I asked what he uses at work.]

Something about walking through a park with an open case of beer makes me feel like a scumbag.

Went to San Francisco and had a conversation in public about programming languages and mocking Google Glass which was horrible because it made me the two worst stereotypes in San Francisco simultaneously: the charlatan techbro talking about programming concepts he doesn’t really understand AND the resentful local bashing the tech industry.
Note to self: stay in Oakland whenever possible.

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