Sep 14
“She’s put on considerable boob weight and sometimes she just falls over. It’s very stressful.” Jack Donaghy

I want to go for a walk but I’m having an uncontrollable nosebleed

Sep 12

Preemptively angry at myself

Because I know that I’m going to go out tomorrow and be hungover on Saturday and miss the open source conference/workshop/networking thing that I should be going to to improve my lack of a career.

Sep 8
I am aroused by this

I am aroused by this

Sep 7

- you’re getting me wasted!

- I’m getting myself wasted. you’re just here.

“Dude, you got the AIDS? I’m about to do you a real solid here: every morning, take a baby aspirin. If you’re gonna fly, take two. Boom. That shit will be gone in a month.” The League

Aug 22

finally found a way to get accurate percentages on my reading habits

top languages:
- English - 81%
- German - 4%

top countries:
- USA - 59%
- UK - 18%
- France - 3.8%

second genre:
- sci-fi - 7.87%

Aug 21
“But now I just sit around and think. I can’t sleep at night, and I wake up in the morning feeling worse than I did the day before. It takes me hours before I don’t feel as if my body was cranky with me. I sometimes think it gets better during the day only because I go numb, not because the crankiness stops. I never feel right. I’m always full of aches and paints that come from nowhere. I look at myself in the mirror, and a sick man looks back at me — the kind of man I wouldn’t trust to do his share, if we were on a job together.” Rogue Moon by Algis Budrys

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